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In this hectic and stressful life we often blame the food and chemicals for our illness, but do we ever lookout to search better options to stay healthy, The modern western culture has vitiated the old traditions of there locations, are far away from our vicinity and we call our traditions as “Superstitions”.Yoga a way to meditate calm relax mentally and physically it is a balance of mind and body. Whenever you feel anxious or stressed take a minute and relax focus close up your eyes and focus on inhaling and exhaling, Yes yoga is this easy all you need is a little time. It won’t take much time to show its miraculous effects.

What Is Yoga? What’s The Best Time Of Day To Do Yoga?

We all might have heard from our elders about yoga but what is a particular definition of yoga? Actually yoga has no definition. It’s an art to clear up your mind and body from the ill aura and ill substances. Talking about Vedas and Puranas yoga has a cure for every illness that can occur to mankind. Depression which often leads to loneliness and people get boycotted from society can be easily cured by yoga, it would hardly take 15 mins daily and you will see yourself what yoga can do.

Modern-day artificial medicines and curing techniques are not only very costly but leave a side effect too, eating a painkiller vanishes your pain right?

But your kidneys can’t speak to you and say that we are getting harmed. People nowadays suffer from a variety of illnesses from asthma every 1 in 10 in some locations to fatal life-threatening cancer. Yoga can help us to overcome these diseases in a much natural way.

The best time to do yoga is early in the morning, however, some yoga’s are meant for the night some for the evening , but all general yoga for better mental health, Digestion, etc are done before even adding a bit of food into the mouth, The reason why yoga in the morning is best – there are two reasons majorly to state no 1 early morning the air is fresh especially in metropolitan cities where pollution is a major problem early morning air is fresh and the other reason is our stomach is empty in the morning and it is suggested to do yoga empty stomach as stated above

5 Most Important Yoga Poses for Beginners – Now Feel Great

Yoga can range from simple to complex to ultra-complex, in the sense all of you can not do all the yoga some are especially beneficial for children, and some for old age people some yogas like Anulom Vlom can be done by anyone, no matter what’s your age. Yoga for beginners can be for mental health, for good digestion for better eyesight, for gastric problems for cough and breathing problems like asthma or even skin disorders. If you are new to yoga then you should go for simpler ones like Bramhri, Ashtangasana, or Anulom vilom these yogas help to improve mental and physical health one can do this even if you don’t have any disease or problem just to stay healthy for a longer time.

5 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners

1. The Easiest And The No One Is Anulom Vilom

This yoga lays emphasis on breathing techniques, you can fold your legs and sit in a straight posture, take a deep breath close one of your nasal passage and inhale air from other now open the nasal passage you closed and close the other one and exhale air repeat this process for about 10 mins daily. This yoga is mainly for ones suffering from breathing disorders but even helps in solving a variety of other problems.

2. Bhastrika

Close up hands. Woman do yoga indoor.

It is also a yoga of breathing techniques, In Bhastrika you have to inhale and exhale air deeply and rapidly, the faster you go the better it gets, this way helps inflow of enormous amount of oxygen into your body and everybody knows how important oxygen if, but if you take more than the oxygen you generally take it helps the body to repair its mechanism, people suffering from respiratory disease must do this yoga daily for 10 mins in the morning.

3. The Next Is kapalbhati

— Cleansing breath (Kapalbhati Breath) — Flex Studio managing director Heather Thomas Shalabi performing exercises, at Flex Studio in Wong Chuk Hang. 26JAN17 SCMP/May Tse (Photo by May Tse/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

Which seems very similar to Bhastrika in this Pranayam, you have to expel air out of your stomach keeping your hands in a triangular position on your belly, the yoga is beneficial for your reproductive organs, problems like kidney stones or gallbladder stones can be easily prevented by regular yoga practice, these yogas are not only easy but also take very less time you can do this yoga 10 mins daily for balanced health.

4. Pawanmuktasana

This Yoga is helpful in stomach related problems and gastric problems especially. This yoga involves folding of legs and bringing it to your stomach by lying on the floor, to make it a little easier the first layer of the floor then raise both the legs in air jointed together and fold them and make your body like a ball this yoga is very helpful if you have any pancreatic or intestinal problems or problems related to indigestion.

5. Self Meditation

Close up of yoga outdoor at sunset.

Blood pressure nowadays is very common after a certain age no one can escape this, but 5 mins of meditation can save you from many harmful drugs. In this yoga you have to close your eyes and bring your hands up to your face now cover your eyes and ears with your Hands now for the better focus you can say Ommmm continuously as long as you can, this yoga is like an immune booster than tears away anxiety depression which is life-threatening,

Final Conclusion

Yoga, to keep the body healthy and fit it’s a procedure by which you can activate your immune system to fight against disease, all machines require oil grease so do our body, Yoga is a way by which you can clear away all waste from your body and best way to stay relaxed.